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The Importance of Having Your Own Workspace

London, like San Francisco and New York, is a great place to start a company. Not only is it a financial and commercial epicenter, but it provides a l

The Best Security Defense is a Good Open Source Offense

The hackers who compromised Adobe’s network knew, when they hacked into the system, that the most valuable prize would be the one that was the most

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While a competitive analysis should be a core part of a business plan for any organization — big or small — it holds a particular significance to

Limitations of Securing Email With PGP

PGP, (pretty good privacy) technology has been used to secure email communications since the early ‘90s.  Available both as freeware and commercial

Shock Your Customers

I started all my businesses after discovering real problems and finding a way to solve them. But just solving problems is often not enough anymore. Yo

Tips to Build your Social Media SEO Strategy

Social media is now playing a major role in SEO as search engines are turning to social signals as important criteria for ranking a site. Factors such