Galaxy Note 7: T-Mobile Launches Recall Plan

Galaxy Note 7: T-Mobile Launches Recall Plan

Galaxy Note 7: T-Mobile Launches Recall Plan

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, then you likely are well aware that Samsung has recalled the device. The Galaxy Note 7 recall affects millions of people throughout the country and the world. Based on a recommendation by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, all devices sold prior to September 15 of this year should be returned immediately, as they are at risk of catching fire. Thankfully, Galaxy Note 7 owners have options!

Wireless carriers and retailers alike have recall programs that allow affected customers to return or exchange their phone. If you are a T-Mobile customer, the wireless carrier is making it incredibly easy to turn in your device for a new one. Read on to learn more about your options and how you can exchange your old Galaxy Note 7 for a new replacement – or a full refund.


T-Mobile Customers Have Choices

T-Mobile customers can return their old Galaxy Note 7 for free, no questions asked. As of Wednesday, September 21, T-Mobile has been offering its customers new replacement Note 7 devices at its retail stores throughout the country. And the company gives customers options when it comes to returning their old phone. For example, you can exchange your old Note 7 for an all-new replacement; exchange it for a similar device, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge; or return it, along with any Note 7 accessories you may have purchased, for a full refund. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s worth noting that T-Mobile is unable to transfer your data or contacts from your old phone to your new one, due to safety guidelines by the CPSC.

Customers who are unsure of how to exchange their phone have no need to worry. T-Mobile customers can return their phone to their nearest store regardless of where they originally purchased the device. Additionally, no restocking, shipping, or upgrade fees of any kind will be charged when exchanging the device for a replacement. Samsung will also honor any promos that you may have taken advantage of when purchasing your Note 7. In essence, T-Mobile is taking the guess work out of the process. Simply bring your old phone in (if it was purchased prior to September 15), and T-Mobile will give you a new one. It’s that easy.


Samsung is Taking Action Too

Samsung is certainly doing its part to try and make amends with Note 7 buyers. Not only has the company already shipped out new replacement devices to retailers and wireless carriers, but it is also offering Note 7 customers a $25 gift card or bill credit for their inconvenience. Owners of Note 7 devices that are uncertain of their eligibility for a replacement can check on Samsung’s website by inputting their device’s serial number. If you are eligible for a replacement device, you can return it immediately to the retailer where it was originally purchased.


Do You Have a Note 7? If So, Return It Today

Samsung and the CPSC recommend that owners of affected Note 7 devices not use them or charge them, as they could overheat and catch fire, and the FAA has asked that they not be stowed or packed in checked baggage (as well as not used or charged during flight). Needless to say, if you own a Galaxy Note 7 device yourself, you should return it as soon as possible for a replacement. Companies like Best Buy and T-Mobile have set out to make the process painless, quick, and easy. Visit your nearest retailer today and they will help you exchange your Note 7 for a replacement or refund.

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