So, You’ve Built a Prototype

So, You’ve Built a Prototype

So, You’ve Built a Prototype

So, You’ve Built a Prototype? Awesome…Here’s 10 Ways Shit Will Hit the Fan


10. Your overseas supplier calls and says a critical component is out of stock. Move back 3 months.


9.  Your part is already in production and the UL testing shows you will have to redesign the part from scratch. Move back 6 months.


8. The crowdfunding site rejects your product without explanation. Move back 8 weeks.


7.  You just spent 12 hours designing a part…only to find out you were working on the wrong version.  Cry a little, move back 4 hours.


6. You sent drawings that were in millimeters and they built them in inches. Move back 1 week.


5.  You are told that all air freight is booked. Boat is the only option. Move back 3 weeks.


4. You find out app that goes with your product is rejected from the app store. In limbo. Wait between 2 – 12 weeks.


3.  You find out there is a major company with a patent on the exact thing you built.  Move back to the initial design phase.


2.  Your stealth competitor launches their product before you. Figure out how to pitch your product as better. Stop sleeping and move ahead 2 weeks.


1.  You get the first versions and realize they spelled your company name wrong. Get on a plane to oversee the next build. Take the chute to China.



Jeremy Conrad


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